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Meet the new Smith Overdrive, sunglasses designed to be worn on – or off — the bike.

Smith makes high performance on-bike sunglasses. Smith makes fashionable off-the-bike shades. And now the Sun Valley, Idaho-based company is offering up a tweener model (not called 650b) that is designed for use on — and off — the trail or road.

Dubbed the PivLock Overdrive, these full-framed, interchangeable $240 sunglasses are billed as having all the high performance features needed for riding, but also a casual enough look that you wont feel the need to pull them off the second your pedal session is over.

Swapping lenses is easy thanks to an easy-open mechanism where you simply lift up the temple arm, pull out one lens, drop in another, and then close the frame back up and go.

Switching lenses is easy thanks to an integrated mechanism that’s built into the frame.

Like its more performance-oriented cousin, the PivLock V2 and V2 Max, the Overdrive has an adjustable nosepiece. But the new model’s temples have been shortened, facilitating a better interface with helmet retention systems. The Overdrive package comes with three lenses, including a photochromic ignitor shade, and will be available starting August 1.

On a personal note, we’ve been running a pair of PivLock V2s with ignitors all summer for mountain bike and road riding, and have really fallen for the auto-tint-adjusting lens. You can put them on inside while getting ready to ride and not be blind. But once outside the lenses quickly adapt to current light conditions.

This new snowsports helmet from Smith is built around an internal honeycomb that offers the same impact resistance of older models but at a much lighter weight.

Our meet-and-greet with Smith also included a look at their latest snowsports helmet that’s based around a new honeycomb shell material. As you’d expect, a helmet engineered with honeycomb is light and breathes well, meaning less chance of fogging goggles on the slopes. Smith claims that the new wintertime brain protector is 20 percent lighter than similar high-end models, but still offers the requisite impact resistance in case you happen to yard-sale into a pine tree.

Finally, Smith gave us a sneak peek at an all-new product that will hit stores in March 2014. We signed a waiver promising not to reveal any further details, but Smith did give us a USB drive loaded with this teaser image. Take a look and see if you can figure out what it is. We’ll have a definitive answer for you on August 15.

We know the answer but can’t tell you until mid-August.

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