Photo Gallery: Weird and wacky findings from VeloSwap

Used bicycle flea market is cornucopia of old, odd and downright ugly

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The used bicycle flea market has become a mainstay in many cycling communities. It’s where shops, collectors, and private individuals can liquidate inventory, and buyers can score quality products on the cheap. Colorado’s VeloSwap is a prime example.

The annual bike bazaar took place at the National Western Complex this past Saturday, marketing itself as “The world’s largest consumer bicycling and sports expo that celebrates all things cycling.” We’re not sure about all that. Frankly, the best moniker would be something along the lines of “The world’s best place to haggle over rusted eight-speed Shimano 105 rear derailleurs.”

As it does every year, VeloSwap presented a dizzying supply of old bikes, bike parts and other goods. We scoured the show floor for the weirdest and wackiest. Here’s the best of the best. Or maybe that should be best of the worst…


So Many Choices

At VeloSwap you’ll find everything from modern carbon fiber roadsters to lots of not-so-modern junk.

1996 GT STS Mountain Bike

1996 GT STS Mountain Bike

This relic from the early days of carbon-fiber bicycles was made with a blend of carbon and a polymer called “thermoplastics.” GT only made the STS for two years, but they went so far as to create a target=”_blank”>sweet video about the bike’s design that features a ripping guitar-driven soundtrack. This model was quickly scooped up by a buyer named Drew Little for $200, who said he loved the STS because it was known for cracking. Go figure.

Hideous chicken and frog bicycle helmet

Chicken and Frog Bicycle Helmets

Are you a dad? Do you want to terrorize your children? Voila. Note: Both helmets were adult-sized. Perfect for Halloween.

Box of Seatposts

Box of Seatposts

This photo does not capture the enormous size of this box of seatposts, and it could all be yours for for just $25. Perhaps some aspiring bike artist can create a burning man sculpture made completely of old Suntour posts.

Hideous Bike Jerseys

Hideous Bike Jerseys Hideous Bike Jerseys

Unfortunate Bike Jerseys

We all know that the cycling fashion world succumbed to pressure from the Ugly Loud Neon movement in the early 1990’s. VeloSwap proves every year that designers have flocked to other unsightly trends in more recent times. The “gargoyle-chic” and “Nasty Lance” jerseys seem to take it to another level. But hey, to each their own.

Bike Owl

The Bike Owl

This piece of “art” (aka the Bike Owl) has razor-sharp edges that may or may not be slathered in grease.

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  • Bacardi says:

    Lust is the word. Great bike till I broke 3 of them and had to finally give up on it.

  • Ulf Fornander says:

    Thank God
    that we dont have such Swap meets back here in Sweden. I would fill up my retro mountainbike Collection i a minute. (and its quite full as it is) 🙂

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