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Why You Want: You’re looking for a complete package, 360 degree visibility, seen from all angles.

Pros: The Vis 360+ offers, as you can guess, 360 degrees of visibility by mounting a small 250 lumen light head to the front of your helmet and a small taillight to the rear of your helmet. The package is still extremely lightweight and is quickly forgotten.

Cons: Looks funny on the helmet at first to those not used to mounting lights there. Also, the setup is not easy to remove so it’s best to just leave on a second dedicated helmet.

RoadBikeReview Take: The Vis 360+ was designed for the helmet, and is all-in-one commuter light system, and combines a front light, which is connected by a power cord to the rear, which also houses the Lithium-ion polymer (LiPo) battery. It is similar to the Vis 360 from last year but the Lumen output has been more than doubled to 250 Lumens (from 120). The front, uses a white and two side amber LED’s, while the rear has three reds and two side amber LED’s, and they all combine to give 360 degrees of visibility to a passing vehicle.

The Vis 360+ mounting system works pretty easy, with a snap on mounting for the rear and a slider for the front. Just attach the front mount, by threading the rubber strap through the front center vents, and loop it around to lock it tight. For the rear, you can wrap the Velcro mount either vertically or horizontally, and centering it will be dependent on the vent hole orientation, and loop the strap back around to cinch down. The rear light snaps straight into the mount, and a simple prying off removes the unit. The front slides up into the mount’s slot until the clip snap shut, and to release just push down hard, and press out. If desired, the lights are easy to take off when not in use or for charging, and can be cycled back on for a commute.

Price: $150

More Info: www.lightandmotion.com

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About the author: Thien Dinh

Thien Dinh gained most his cycling knowledge the old fashioned way, by immersing himself in the sport. From 2007 to early 2013, Thien served as RoadBikeReview Site Manager, riding daily while putting various cycling products through its paces. A native of California, Thien also enjoys tinkering with photography and discovering new music.

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  • pomole says:

    i have this unit and and recommend it. Helmet lights are where its at — they command most drivers attention right away. The headlight beam is a bit tight and uneven, but plenty bright. The tail light works really well and is bright. Battery life is decent and USB recharge is nice.

  • wei says:

    hi… can anyone tell me more about the 49ers bike helmet show on the picture, such as WHERE I CAN GET ONE LOL thanks in advance, im big fan of SF 49ers!!!

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