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It’s tough finding time for work, family, friends and all life’s other necessary obligations. But squeezing in saddle time is well worth the effort. Regular exercise equals a healthier, happier you. With that in mind, here are some basic tips you can use during the work week to assure you’ll have enough time to reap the benefits of riding your bike.

Be Prepared:
Keep your cycling clothes, helmet, shoes and other essential gear nearby, together and organized. That way you can get ready quickly. Save more time by making sure your bike is always tuned up and ready to go.

Have a Plan:
To make the most of your ride time, roll out of the parking lot with a plan. To get in a solid workout in just an hour, warm-up 10-15 minutes, then spend the next 30-40 minutes in the pain cave, doing intervals, hill repeats, periodic sprints, or other similar intense effort.

Post Ride:
After your saddle session, limit cool down to 5-10 minutes so you’ll have enough time to get cleaned up and back to your desk before the boss gets grumpy.

Work and Eat: Instead of spending time — not to mention money — going out to eat, bring your lunch from home. This will free up more time to ride, and likely mean you eat healthier, too.

What are your tips for finding time to ride?

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  • Timothy Seavey says:

    When my grandfather was getting older and in need of more constant aid-he was 92 at the time- I began getting up at 2:30 am (you read that right, gang!) to be out the door by 3 am to ride-so I could get back well in time to get him up, bathed, dressed, fed, and so on. Obviously in order to get sleep myself I had to shut it all down by 8 pm but once I got used to the regimen I found how awesome it was to ride when there was virtually no traffic (except for the paperboys) and the quiet is something to be experienced during the “vampire hour”. And getting out so early meant that I never had to think about it during the day. Upshot: we can train ourselves to do ANY thing but we need to be consistent about it. For those of you who also are time-compressed, give it a try.

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