Review: DannyShane Gex Jersey and Shelby S4 Bib Short

Texas company uses bamboo white ash in comfortable, stylish apparel

Our test kit has delivered solid classic looks and top-tier performance.

Our test kit has delivered top-tier performance along with a classic look.

Why You Want

You’re a fan of modern classic design, and aren’t afraid to pay a premium price for a top-tier jersey and bib short that looks good and is incredibly soft on the skin.


Any conversation about the DannyShane line of cycling apparel starts with bamboo white ash. The Texas-based company uses the material in all its top-tier jerseys, claiming that it’s both eco-friendly and offers superior moisture wicking, odor resistance and breathability. Each of its cycling tops, including the jersey we tested, is constructed from a 50-50 blend of bamboo and polyester.

“Our goal is to both make clothing with a luxury high end feel and try to be environmentally conscious,” explained Logan Hunt, DannyShane’s director of business development. “We’re still a young company, so we really try to feed off customer feedback because we know there is no such thing as the perfect product.”

We certainly agree with that last statement, but were also duly impressed with the Gex Jersey ($139) and Shelby S4 Bib Short ($209) we’ve been testing over the last three months. Just as DannyShane claims the jersey’s bamboo white ash infused material is exceptionally soft. Think high-end cotton T-shirt and you get the general idea. But the Gex jersey also does a commendable job of wicking moisture off your skin and breathes well on balmy days.

Three tapered rear pockets offer ample storage space, while a small zippered pocket is a great stash spot for cash, an ID or a smartphone.

Tapered rear pockets offer ample storage space, while a small zippered pocket is a great stash spot for cash, an ID or a smartphone.

Other notable features include tapered rear pockets that are easy to dig into, a rubberized waist gripper, and an invisible full-zip zipper that allows you to fully open up, but doesn’t interrupt the jersey’s classic design. There’s also a small zippered rear pocket with a headphone cord hole.

Aesthetically speaking, the Gex Jersey is subdued compared to much of company’s offerings. It’s part of the DannyShane retrospective line, which is meant to convey a classic European look. If you’re looking to make a bolder statement, there are plenty of louder choices. Company founder Danny Hunt started in the golf world, and has brought the gentlemen’s game’s penchant for plaid to cycling. “Plaid is definitely what first got us noticed,” admitted Logan Hunt. “It still accounts for about 40 percent of what we do.”

The Shelby S4 Bib Short was also a winner. Mesh nylon shoulder straps are soft and highly breathable. The wide, laser cut leg band offers solid compression without pinching. And the cytech chamois is accurately placed, keeping us comfortable and chafe free on rides ranging from 45 minutes to four hours.

The torso and shoulder area of our size large is a tad looser than we'd like.

The torso and shoulder area of our size Large jersey is a tad looser than we’d like.


When it comes to cycling apparel, fit is always tough to perfect. What’s custom tailored on one rider flaps in the wind like a kite on another. For us, the Gex Jersey didn’t quite hit the center of the bullseye. The sleeves and torso of our size Large tester were looser than we’d like, while the Medium we tried was a tad tight. It’s certainly not a deal breaker. We don’t race much, so aero efficiency isn’t a high priority. But others might prefer a snugger fit. More and more apparel companies are now offering tweener sizes (S/M, M/L, etc.) and we’d love to see DannyShane jump on this trend.

Price is also a consideration here. Spending upwards of $350 for one cycling outfit will turn off some. But when compared to other players in the high-end apparel market (Panache, Rapha, Assos, Castelli, etc.) DannyShane’s pricing is middle of the road. You can certainly spend a lot more.

Bottom Line

Rating: Gex Jersey 3.5 out of 5 ; Shelby S4 Bib Short 4 out of 5
Price: Gex Jersey $139; Shelby S4 Bib Short $209
More Info:
Video: Inside the DannyShane Interbike Tradeshow booth.

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