Review: Lightweight Giro Aeon Helmet

Why You Want

You’re looking for a lightweight, well-vented brain protector that’s easy to adjust, comes in a wide variety of colors, and you’re not scared off by the $250 price tag.


Weight – or lack thereof – is the calling card of Giro’s top-end Aeon helmet. Our size medium has a claimed weight of 222 grams, a fib of just three grams based on our in-house scale. By comparison, that 225-gram weight is 100 grams less than another test helmet we’ve been riding lately, the Lazer Helium.

But the Aeon isn’t just light, it’s also cool – or cooling to be precise. Indeed, there are a full two dozen vents adorning this helmet, plus a series of internal channels (called Wind Tunnel), which are designed to pull air through the helmet front to back. Other notable highlights include the Roc Loc 5 fit system and a 15mm tilt-adjustment mechanism, both of which can easily be adjusted on-the-fly with one hand.

Inside the helmet is the usual X-Static padding, which cuts down on odor and can be removed and washed if things do get stinky. (Just remember to place the pads inside a pillow case or other cloth bag before washing so they don’t get mangled by your washing machine.) Finally, the straps are also lightweight and easy to adjust, though like most cycling helmet straps they don’t always lie flat against your face.


Price. Period. Two hundred fifty dollars is a lot of dough to spend on a cycling helmet. But in this high-end, lightweight space it’s not completely out of line. By comparison, Specialized’s S Works Prevail is $230, Mavic’s top-end Plasma retails for $220, KASK’s Vertigo is $300, and the Catlike Whisper runs $225. Sizing may also be a problem for some wearers who don’t fit well into one of the three available options. However, that wasn’t an issue for us, as we fit comfortably in the size Medium.

Other niggles include the fact that we couldn’t find a vent combination to stow our sunglasses, and instead had to opt for the behind the head method, which worked just fine. Some may also not like the look, which depending on your head shape, can be a little mushroom-like. That wasn’t an issue for us, as we’re admitted fans of the Giro’s recognizable front fang rear spoiler look.

RoadBikeReview Take

Like most bicycle helmet wearers, the prime factors in rating a helmet are fashion, fit and function. For us, the Giro Aeon gets high marks across the board. The Aeon was both comfortable and stylish (in our eyes, anyway), while at the same time delivering well-vented, easy to adjust, lightweight head protection. The light weight is especially noteworthy. I wont say it feels like you are wearing nothing at all, but we definitely noticed the difference between the Aeon and similar, but heavier helmets.

That light weight combined with its numerous vents yielded a helmet that gave the perception of cooling even on some blisteringly hot days here on Colorado’s Front Range. Bottom line, if the price tag doesn’t scare you away, fit is good, and you like the way it looks, the Giro Aeon is a helmet that you’ll happily wear ride after ride.

MSRP: $250 (8 color options, 3 sizes)
Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

More Info: or check out this promotional video from Giro further detailing the Aeon’s features.

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