Reynolds Cycling New Cryo Blue Power Pads

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In this video, Paul Lew from Reynolds Cycling shows us their all new for 2014 Cryo Blue Power pads that feature increased braking performance.

The Cryo Blue Power Pad features:

  • 44% larger foot print
  • 6 angled and tapered slots to help with cooling and water displacement
  • improved wet weather performance (stop in 42% shorter distance vs. current Cryo Blue Pads)
  • improved dry weather performance (stop in 33% shorter distance vs. current Cryo Blue Pads)

The Reynolds Cryo Blue Power Pads results in safer, more reliable and more predictable braking technology for riders on carbon fiber wheels. These pads are available now.

From the Manufacturer:

“Reynolds proudly introduces the new Cryo-Blue Power Brake Pads. Co-engineered with industry braking leader, Brakco, these pads were designed to give you increased stopping power. The sleek, aerodynamic tapered design offers a 44% larger braking surface than Reynolds’ standard Cryo-Blue brake pad. There are six angled slots that serve two purposes: first, air moves through the slots to add additional cooling and second, they act as water channels dispersing water away from the brake track providing superior braking in wet conditions.”

“While the current Cryo-Blue pads still exceed Reynolds’ high expectations, the new Cryo-Blue Power Pads set the bar even higher. They are included with all 2014 product and also available for aftermarket purchase.”

For more information on these new brakes pads and CTG braking:

About the author: Gregg Kato

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