Silca 100-year anniversary HX-One Set

One of the best tool sets just got even better

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Silca HX-One 100 Year Anniversary Tool Set

When does a tool qualify as art?

The original Silca HX-One Allen set is perhaps the most beautifully crafted tool set we’ve ever laid eyes on. It’s so gorgeous, you almost don’t want to get them dirty.

Silca HX-One 100 Year Anniversary Tool Set

A textured surface makes these tools easier to hold.

However, the tools are as well crafted as they are attractive. The hex keys are made from S-2 steel that’s been coated with a thin, but dense layer of Chrome to improve life span.

Silca HX-One 100 Year Anniversary Tool Set

In addition to hex keys, the box comes with several bits.

The set also includes a proprietary magnetic adapter that turns the 6mm key into a ¼” socket. Along with the hex set, you also receive a set of two Phillip heads, two flat heads, and six torx bits.

Silca HX-One 100 Year Anniversary Tool Set

A hand painted logo helps finish the package.

Everything is normally housed in a box made from sustainable Beachwood, but for the 100th edition, they’ve gone one step further. Each limited edition toolset ships in a box made from the heartwood of American Walnut trees and is adorned with Silca’s centennial emblem, which has been hand painted on stainless steel.

MSRP for the limited edition toolset is $185. That’s a $60 surcharge over the regular boxset. The first 100 boxes are numbered and can be custom engraved.

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  • james says:

    This tool set is obviously for someone who has money to burn on tools that look beautiful rather than…well like a tool. A person can get a Allen or a Husky brand T handle ball hex key set that comes with the same tools and more for under $35 at any home improvement place that sells Allen or Husky brand tools, just to name one of the many hundreds out there priced about the same. Even the ultra expensive pro mechanic tool company SnapOn has them for under $60! Would the Silca last longer? I doubt it since the tools would be used on bikes where there isn’t a lot of torque going against the tool anyways, plus a lot of tools found at home improvement places, and SnapOn have a lifetime warranty. I have set of Allen hex tools I use for bikes and other things that haven’t worn out in 25 years of use! If your a person who simply wants a one of kind beautiful tool set that you can put on display then get the Silca, if you want a tool to be simply a tool then go somewhere else and find something more industrial looking.

    I hate to be negative against Silca because they do make a nice product, but I think their way overcharging because they think they’re selling the product to very wealthy cyclists who will spend ungodly amounts of money for their hobby, like $4,000 for a wheelset, or $300 for a jersey, the cycling industry is simply going way overboard with their prices, but they know they get away with it.

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