Silca Tattico Bluetooth hand pump unveiled

Relays accurate tire pressure through an app on your phone

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Silca Tattico Bluetooth Hand Pump

Silca’s Tattico mini-pump just got a high-tech boost. Addressing the issue of how to get a reliable pressure reading out of a mini pump, the Tattico now comes equipped with a Bluetooth pressure sensor that relays accurate tire pressure through an app on your phone. Price is $120.

Silca Tattico Bluetooth Hand Pump

The Tattico Bluetooth mini-pump solves the accuracy and durability issues of some other mini-pumps by taking the physical gauge out of the equation and transmitting it through an app called iGauge. This takes the guess work out of topping off tires, and the pump is rated up to 120psi, meaning it could potentially take the place of a floor pump while bike-packing or traveling.

Silca Tattico Bluetooth Hand Pump

The pump’s inverted design allows enough room to place a Bluetooth pressure sensor at the end of the barrel which transmits the data as pressure fills the chamber of the barrel. This integration allows the Tattico to keep the same size, profile, and capability of the original pump while providing an accurate reading within +/- 2%.

Tattico Bluetooth Features
  • Hidden hose and valving results in 10% more air per stroke
  • Rated to 120psi
  • SILCA Adaptable Cup Seal Expands with Heat
  • Hidden Heat Sink Controls Temperature while pumping
  • Pump Accuracy is +/- 2%
  • Seamless connection to iGauge mobile app for clear, accurate pressure reading
  • 6061 Alloy barrel and gripping surfaces
  • High-efficiency piston design
  • Long extractable filler hose with locking Presta/Schrader chuck
  • 9-1/2″ length
  • Includes direct-mount backed with retaining strap
  • Easily replaceable CR2030 battery
  • Price: $120

Silca Tattico Bluetooth Hand Pump

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  • Fred says:

    My god what a great idea, I’ve never been able to put air in my tires and know what pressure to use for the last 40 plus years of putting air in my tires before this came along, and for only $120? that’s a rip off…err, I mean steal.

  • Peter says:

    Unless you come up with something ingenious, like a pump that gives you at least twice the volume of air per stroke when compared to the best available now, then you really shouldn’t try to market a pump at 6 x’s the market average. Incredible…

  • Mike says:

    Should be 320 bucks! Take my money! I’ll pay 799 for a carbon fiber one,

  • Frank says:

    In the name of rich cyclists, that’s what this pump is aimed for, people with common sense would never buy this piece of nonsense. And what a hassle to use, I mean I have to dig out my phone and pull up an app so I can watch my PSI while I use a pump, I would rather have the air gauge attached to the pump so I don’t have to pull the phone out, turn it on, find the app. This is truly a demonstration of technology that has gone insane with an insane price to go along with it.

  • Raino says:

    If I understood correctly you can only view the pressure from the screen. It would be much more useful if there was an automatic pressure valve and you could set the maximum pressure. No need for the app unless you can somehow monitor the pressure decrease in the tires.

  • Dave G says:

    What if there was a gauge actually on the pump, and you could Bluetooth to that? That would be a game changer

  • A-Ron says:

    Although the Bluetooth is stupid the regular Tattico is by far the nicest minipump I have ever had.

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