Spotted: $400,000 24K gold plated road bike

Bike blinged out from tip of handlebars to end of chainstays

Road Bike
24K Gold Plated Road Bike

For the tidy sum of nearly $400,000, you can really stand out from the crowd on your next group ride. Notice the saddle, which is a limited edition suede model from San Marco. Photo courtesy Goldgenie

What do you get for the cyclist who has everything? (And we really mean everything.) How about a gold plated bike, MSRP £250,000 British pounds, or just shy of $400,000. This gilded (and gaudy) Giant roadster is the handiwork of Britain’s Goldgenie, which specializes is bedazzled smart phones that start at a comparatively paltry $4,000. They also do custom work if you’re more a golden Trek or diamond-coated Specialized kinda guy or gal.

This golden bike, the Goldgenie website says, is the work of its in-house team of customization artisans who have, “meticulously applied a lustrous layer of 24k gold to the entire structure, from the tip of the drop handlebars to the wheel stays, and every other part in between, including every ridge of the gear chain.”

Goldgenie designers are also developing additional two-wheeled pieces that clients, “can bespoke from a selection of different finishes on the saddle and handlebars, including exotic skins and fine leathers and a variety of precious stones.” And that the end goal, besides draining your bank account, is creating objects that are “striking to look at… and even more beautiful when in fluid motion, as the spinning spokes catch the sunlight and ripples along the golden frame. While this bicycle may not reach the speed of light, the artisans at Goldgenie believe in catching the light as you travel.”

Sounds smashing, don’t you think. Here’s a more detailed look at the bling bike.

24K Gold Plated Road Bike

We’ve seen gold chains before, but not cassettes, derailleurs, and spokes. Photo courtesy Goldgenie

24K Gold Plated Road Bike

Only the tires, brake pads and a few other small items were left in their normal state. Photo courtesy Goldgenie

24K Gold Plated Road Bike

Here’s a case when you’d actually be thrilled with a triple chainring. Photo courtesy Goldgenie

24K Gold Plated Road Bike

Good thing the fork has rack mounts. Who wouldn’t want to use this bike as a daily commuter. Photo courtesy Goldgenie

24K Gold Plated Road Bike

More spacers, more money. Photo courtesy Goldgenie

Here’s a video look at one of the gold plated phones. Pay particular attention to the soundtrack. It’s good as gold…

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  • bikebird says:

    Been there, done that…back in the mid ’80’s, BMX freestyler Woody Itson rode a gold-plated Hutch TrickStar. Probably a better bike (for the genre) and just as pretty. Let’s see who’s gonna have the cojones to take the Giant out on the road.

  • Lovesrealitytv says:

    Ok- $400,000 retail. It’s just spray painted gold onto a bike. There is no resale value.
    Exactly what could one get for a used bike such as this? Who thinks this bike is a freaking joke and that we should all Boycott the company ? At least a Victoria’s Secret $1,000,000 is made of real jewels. What is the point of this? I will never purchase from this company again. My measly $2000 a year in purchases means nothing to them so they mean nothing to me anymore.

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