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Only 25 of these 75th anniversary Schwinn Paramount frames are being sold.

Whatever you think about the current status of Schwinn the brand, there’s no denying its place in America’s long cycling history. In one form or another the company has been building bikes since 1895. Not all of those bikes have been good — or even average. But there’s no denying the company’s long, and sometimes glorious heritage.

The upside of that heritage is on clear display in an ongoing collaboration between Schwinn and Waterford Precision Cycles, which are building a small batch of stunning limited edition 75th anniversary addition Schwinn Paramount road bike frames. Only 25 of these fully customizable steel steeds are available. Pricing starts at $3,800, and buyers are invited to visit the Waterford factory in Waterford, Wisconsin, for a custom in-person fitting.

Each of the frames comes with limited-edition 75th anniversary lugs, and has options for internal and electronic routing. Multiple decaling and paint options provide the opportunity for personal design touch.

The frame sports specially created stainless steel dropouts with the Paramount compass points.

The lugset created for the 75th Anniversary Paramount reflects the latest thinking in lug engineering, but also pays homage to Paramount lugs from the 60′s and beyond. With the 75th design, Schwinn went to a trimmer design with the compass points cut into the lug.

The $3,800 Paramount Air has polished stainless head lugs and seat lug. One step up, at $4,750, is the Paramount Air Front/Stainless Rear, which has polished stainless head lugs, seat lug and stays. At the top of the line is Paramount Full Stainless ($5,350), which has either full polish or painted main tubes. You can see full pricing details, plus a host of upgrade options here.

The project is being led by Paramount engineering expert Marc Muller, who ran the Schwinn Paramount engineering department in the 1980s, and Richard Schwinn, the great grandson of Schwinn founder Ignaz Schwinn.

“The 75th anniversary design lets us offer 21st century technology while paying homage to the Paramount’s glorious past,” said Schwinn. “We feel honored to be able to celebrate another milestone in the Paramount’s legendary history and to once again be building Schwinn bicycles.”

For more info on the Schwinn 75th Anniversary, visit

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  • larryc says:

    lets hear from all the Pacific bicycle grumps – must be a complainer or 2 out here.thank you Schwinn for paying Homage to an excellent line.

  • Paramounter since 63 says:

    Well done…great choice decals too! This will look nice hanging beside the 63 of same color scheme.

  • Kevin says:

    Beautify piece of art. I still like the trim, crisp lines of a steel frame and appreciate the craftsmanship of the amazing lugs. Only gripe is that asymmetric crank. I’m still not onboard with that look.

  • Kannás says:

    Overall stunning Masterpiece, once I had a Circuit SL/Santé and was a very good ride.

    But what’s that overly big gap between seattube and rear wheel? It’s ugly like hell. And what for? Mudguards? Is there any fool to spoil a limited edition show bike with mudguards mounting?

    That gap is pencil-narrow on every self-respecting Italian brand. Let alone my beloved Circuit SL..

    I really can’t understand. Is it ‘American Heritage”?

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