SRAM expands 1x drivetrain offerings to road bikes

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Teeth from 10 to 42.


  • DrDave says:

    Considering the effects of extreme chainline angulation, an argument could be made for a close-ratio triple-chainring crankset, one that uses a lighter and stiffer one-piece machined chainring stack.
    With closer-spaced ratios, chainrings could and would be more narrowly-spaced as well.
    And with more rings, a dislodged chain always has a good place to fall.
    It’s true that SRAM’s chainrings and front derailers have shown serious shifting difficulty in many cases, partly due imo to the large ratio gap shifting up to the big ring.
    I ride in the big ring 95% of the time, but still find the small ring useful when grades get steep and when the legs have had enough.
    Narrow chain and straight chainrings need not ever rub on the front derailer cage.

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