Cipollini Reviews and News

Cipollini NK1K Disc, MCM2 and NKTT

Cipollini has a new U.S. distributor based in Florida and they are bringing several new models stateside for 2017. Here’s the rundown.

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Round up: 10 of next year’s most intriguing road bikes

The prevailing trend in road bikes? Choice. There is literally something for everyone in the latest crop of new roadsters hitting bike shop floors (and internet showrooms) right now.

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Review: Cipollini Bond road bike

Can a fledgling manufacturer come out of nowhere and produce a legitimately good — if not great — bike? Or is it all marketing and hype? Read our review to find out.

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Exotic Foreign Imports: 5 racey new road bikes from Europe

Extensive integration, aero enhancements, ultra light weight, and lots of racing heritage are just of some of the hallmarks.

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