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Meet Your (Drink) Maker Part 3: Personal Product Testing Tips

Which hydration drink product will work best for you? It’s a tough question that requires far more critical analysis than the old Pepsi Challenge. RoadBikeReview talked with three experts in the field of endurance sports nutrition to find out their top tips for testing one hydration product against another.

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Meet Your (Drink) Maker Part 2: Expert Recovery Tips

Post-ride recovery is arguably one of the most important aspects of bike riding (or racing). What you do between saddle sessions goes a long way in determining how you’ll feel on your next ride. We spoke to three experts in the field of nutrition and got you some expert recovery advice.

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Meet Your (Drink) Maker Part 1: Solid or Liquid Food

If you ride your bike for extended periods of time, you need more than water. But what’s the right way (and ratio) to ingest on-bike hydration and fueling necessities? We spoke to Osmo’s Dr. Stacy Sims, Skratch Labs founder Dr. Allen Lim, and Infinit Nutrition president Michael Folan.

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