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Lexco Takes on Sugino Components…And in Colors, Too

Norridge, Illinois – Silver is so last century. Through Lexco, you can now get world famous Sugino cranks, chainrings, sprockets, dust caps and other Sugino parts in a variety of colors. Of course, if you just have to have silver, Lexco and Sugino can accommodate. Lexco is carrying numerous Sugino crank sets. The cranks are […]

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Lexco Debuts Bikebins: The Modern Alternative to Traditional Cloth Panniers

Norridge, Illinois – Nobody said panniers had to be made from cloth. In fact, Sam Lowings of Bikebins, thinks cloth panniers are not the answer, so he invented the world’s first pannier made from recyclable polyethylene high-strength plastic. Bikebins are the new way to transport your laptop, clothes and groceries when bicycle commuting and are […]

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Keep Your Stuff Dry with Axiom Bags, and Lexco has them

Norridge, Illinois – Keep Your Stuff Dry with Axiom Bags, and Lexco has them With more and more people commuting by bicycle now, and with fall and winter only a few months away, Axiom all-season waterproof panniers, handlebar, trunk, briefcase pannier and laptop bags are the perfect accessory. And now’s the time to order your […]

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Lexco Goes Pink with Kurt Kinetic Trainer and "Susan G Komen for the Cure" Promotion

Norridge, Illinois – IBDs can now help find the cure for breast cancer without even stepping into a laboratory. All they have to do is stock and sell the limited edition “Pink Road Trainer” from Kurt Kinetic which Lexco will have available beginning in mid-August. Kurt Kinetic will donate a portion of every sale of […]

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