Testing Mavic’s road tubeless wheels and tires

Can this new UST system seal up when riding over nails and tacks

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Mavic UST Wheels and Tires

Let’s do some tire testing!

Road tubeless tires have been around for a while, but they’ve yet to become widely adopted. But Mavic is hoping to change that with the recent release of a complete line of UST tubeless wheels and tires. All told there are 12 new road wheelsets and two new tires. Mavic claims its tire/rim combination has a tolerance of 1mm, ensuring that the tire sits perfectly inside the rim, resulting in easier tire mounting and less chance of a blow off in the instance of a flat.

Mavic UST Wheels and Tires

Mavic is a big believer in the system approach to wheels and tires.

Of course, one of the primary benefits of tubeless tires is a resistance to punctures. In this video from the Global Cycling Network, ex-pro cyclist Simon Richardson checks out just how well they seal with the tubeless sealant when riding over a variety different nails and tacks, as well as cutting the sidewall of the tire.

For those of you concerned about weight, Mavic claims that their tubeless setup is approximately 40g lighter than the clincher version using an inner tube, and tubeless setup delivers 15% less rolling resistance. And in case you’re curious, Mavic also says the 28mm version are the fastest. Press play to learn more.

Mavic UST Wheels and Tires

All told there are 12 new road wheelsets and 2 new tires.

Learn more about Mavic’s new wheels and tires here, and be sure to check out more videos on RoadBikeReview.

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