The world’s smartest bike tail lights

Creativity and technology being applied to tail lights for rider visibility and safety


Tail light

According to a study by the League of American Bicyclists, “40% of fatal crashes with a reported collision type — were ‘hit from behind’ incidents. Also, high-speed urban and suburban arterial streets with no provisions for bicyclists represented 56% of all bicyclist fatalities.”

Thus a tail light is absolutely crucial if you ride on the road. At the core, it helps you become more visible and that simple mantra saves many lives. But as we roamed the halls of Interbike and Eurobike exploring new light options, we were floored by the creativity and technology being applied to tail lights. Things we never thought were possible are being applied to tail lights.

What’s making it possible is the awareness that the tail lights are a good accessory for every bike and there is a growing demand for it for night riding and even daytime riding. Also, lithium polymer batteries and LED lights are so small and powerful now, they hardly take up any room. Innovative companies are using the power and space to come up with new applications.

Are they for everyone and will they all succeed in the marketplace? No, but some of them will and it is fascinating to us that some of the best minds in the world are working to make bicycles safer with tail light technology.

Here is the list of fascinating tail lights.

Lupine Rotlicht

Lupine Rotlicht

What’s cool about it: The Rotlicht gets brighter when the cyclist comes to a stop. It also gets brighter when there’s more ambient light light a car shining lights on it.

What is it: The Lupine Rotlicht is a 160 lumen light with four different light modes are available: steady, flashing, wave pulse, and pulse. But it has an accelerometer that allows it to function as a brake light. When you pull on the brakes and slow down significantly or come to a stop, the built in acceleration sensor turns the light brighter to gain more attention on the streets.

It is also light sensing and has automatic light adjustment depending on the ambient light. If for example a car comes closer, the light turns brighter, allowing the rider to become more visible.

More info:
Price: 85€

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About the author: Francis Cebedo

The founder of mtbr and roadbikereview, Francis Cebedo believes that every cyclist has a lot to teach and a lot to learn. "Our websites are communal hubs for sharing cycling experiences, trading adventure stories, and passing along product information and opinions." Francis' favorite bike is the last bike he rode, whether it's a lugged commuter, ultralight carbon road steed, singlespeed or trail bike. Indeed, Francis loves cycling in all its forms and is happiest when infecting others with that same passion. This obsessive personality has also turned him into a bit of an addict when it comes to high quality coffee and IPAs.

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  • Jim DeWille says:


    Do you have any info on how to purchase this light? I tried to go to the company website, but the price was listed in euros and the US was not on the country selection list.

    Thanks for any info you might have,

  • robert says:

    the Rotlicht is only for trailuse made.
    it is massivly blinding cars, so not allowed to use on roads or streets in europe.

    in US rear lights allowed to use on streets what blinding car drivers?

    gz from Austria.

    • geotrouvetout says:

      I want my lights to be blinding to be seen and they are only blinding for a split second if you look at them in the right angle so overall they are never blinding per say.

      The Rotlicht is only 95 lumens and that’s why I won’t buy it, new lights go to 200 now it starts getting interesting. In front I use an 800 lumens, it is blinding in daylight, cars can see me and I never heard any driver complaining about it.

      The Rotlicht is definitively an urban light, not specifically for trails. There is no use to have a powerful smart light on trails in the rear, there is no use for a tail light on trails at all actually since there are no motor vehicles flying by on trails.

      I doubt they are illegal in Europe, Seesense has a 155 lumens smart tail light and it’s a UK company.

  • Mike says:

    Gretna Bikes is the North American Distributor of Lupine.

    I have ordered several items from them, Excellent service and support!

  • geotrouvetout says:

    correction the Rotlicht is 160 lumens, did not read correctly. It makes it interesting.

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