Top 10 tips for riding your bike in the rain

Do this to stay warm, comfortable and upright on wet days

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Just go harder. The more you are working the warmer you'll be.

Just go harder. The more you are working the warmer you’ll be.

There are three main problems with riding in wet weather: getting cold, getting chafed, and staying upright. Here are 10 tips that will keep you warm, comfortable and off the deck when riding in the rain.

  • Balance staying dry with drowning in sweat by dressing appropriately
  • Lower tire pressure, which puts more tire on the road and thus gives you more grip
  • Use chamois cream to help avoid chafe on your backside
  • Use a rain jacket – hard shell or soft shell or both at the same time
  • Ride harder and you’ll stay warmer (flat roads are best for this)
  • Wear a cap under your helmet to keep your head warm
  • Use shoe covers
  • Brake earlier when heading toward a corner or stop sign
  • Avoid the painted lines on the road. They’re slicker than the tarmac when wet
  • Wear a pair or neoprene gloves, the same material used for wet suits

For more details, check out this soggy video from our friends at the Global Cycling Network.

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