Transparent Clarity Bike Brings New Meaning to Ghost Riding

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Ever wonder what materials the bicycles of the future would be made of? We’ve seen many concepts this year, including several made of cardboard, but this may be the most interesting of them all. This is Clarity, a transparent proof of concept road frame built from a polymer called Trivex. The transparent material is the same strong and lightweight plastic used in fighter jet canopies. The material is said to be highly impact resistant, lightweight, and unaffected by hot or cold temperatures.

We like the Clarity – it brings new meaning to the term Ghost Riding.

“We believe that the Clarity Bike could be a giant leap forward in bicycle frame engineering and production. The design takes advantage of an advanced polymer which combines high impact resistance, lightweight properties and a gentle flexibility that usually would only be expected on an old Italian steel frame.” said designaffairs, the German design studio that put this project together.

designaffairs are no strangers to innovation, the firm is one of the most awarded agencies with over 200 design awards to their name. The firm is constantly pushing the envelope with focus on design, usability, ergonomics and materials. They’ve worked with large clients like Audi, BMW, and LG Electronics to name a few. After a period of focusing strictly on interface design, the firm has more recently felt it needed to refresh itself and has embarked on a new direction – to come up with new ways to make use of innovative materials. With over 2000 materials in house and more than 6000 samples, the firm has plenty of unique materials to brainstorm with. One of their first concepts is the Clarity bike.

Though their first concept bike makes use of the Trivex’s transparency, it’s likely the injection moulded manufacturing process will enable any sort of color combinations while keeping mass production affordable.

This is an intriguing and surely viable alternative to the metals and exotic materials used today. We think there’s plenty that can be creatively done with a transparent frame, including strategically placed LEDs to better be seen at night, for one. With that said, the injection moulded manufacturing of this bike should keep it relatively affordable with an “unmatched unique style”. Still to be seen though is how this material rides.

About the author: Thien Dinh

Thien Dinh gained most his cycling knowledge the old fashioned way, by immersing himself in the sport. From 2007 to early 2013, Thien served as RoadBikeReview Site Manager, riding daily while putting various cycling products through its paces. A native of California, Thien also enjoys tinkering with photography and discovering new music.

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