Video: Bicycle collision caught on camera

Always look both ways before you cross into the middle of a race

This spectator rolled right into the middle of the race.

This spectator rolled right into the middle of the race (click to enlarge).

Simple rule of thumb: If there’s a bike race going on in your neighborhood, make sure to look both ways before you roll your bike into the middle of the street. This guy didn’t and the resulting crash at the Tour of America’s Dairyland in Waukesha, Wisconsin, was an ugly one. Here’s a report — and video — of the crash from the local CBS affiliate TV station.

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  • conscience of a conservative says:

    Might seem harsh, but riding with headphones = IDIOT. Had the spectator not been wearing headphones he might have been more tuned into the surrounding bike race and not zoned out.

  • John says:

    Idiots are everywhere. It makes me wonder what goes on in their heads when they just cross a road without looking, first. Here in Florida I ride the parks because the highways are too busy, but even there, cyclists and pedestrians just ride or walk out without looking. On shared paths where signs are painted on the ground, with cyclists to the left and pedestrians to the right, I come up behind parties of pedestrians spread out across both sections. Then sometimes pedestrians on the right suddenly step into the cycle path as I’m about to pass. It’s infuriating! I do wish these people would wake up and realize they’re not the only ones on the roads and pathways.

  • Grant Hess says:

    To make matters worse the video clearly shows the traffic light is green for oncoming traffic as he is crossing the road….without looking at all. He is lucky it was not a car. He would be severely injured. Looks to me that this video evidence is highly incriminating, and might warrant a citation for this idiot rider. Maybe it will take something like that to make him wake up and look. Also. is it legal to operate a bike on roads with headphones. I know it is illegal to operate a motorized vehicle with headphones (you cannot hear emergency vehicles and yield the right of way in a timely fashion.

  • sam says:

    The race organize pobably shouldn’t have left that part of the course un-fenced/ roped too

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