Video: Chris Akrigg’s revenge of the curly wurly bars

Trials savant pushes the boundaries of what a cyclocross bike can do

Cross Video
Chris Akrigg Rides Cross

What rock garden?

Trial savant Chris Akrigg is at it again with what he calls the second installment of “riding the bike with the curly whirly bars and skinny tires.” Being that it’s the height of the cyclocross season, Akrigg decided it was time to dig the ‘cross bike out for another spin. “I read somewhere that cyclocross originated for roadies back in the day trying to spice up their winter training,” says Akrigg. “They would race from point to point using whatever means possible, racing down farm track and running across fields with the bike on there back, etc. That was their spin. My back ground is trials, and this is my spin!”

[vimeo width=”610″ height=”343″][/vimeo]

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