Video: How to fix a creaking bottom bracket or cranks

And other tips and tricks for eliminating unwanted noise while riding

How To
How To Fix Creaking

Re-grease your bottom bracket shell.

One of the most common causes of unwanted noise while riding your bike comes from pedaling. Whether it’s your pedals, cranks, bottom bracket or some other part of the drivetrain, it’s often maddening to the point of ruining your ride. To avoid that malady, follow these tips and tricks from our friends at the Global Cycling Network to get you bike running smoothly — and quietly.

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  • Aaron says:

    Check your headset cups. A lot of the pedaling noise can be coming from there, reverberate through the frame and sound like it’s coming from the bb.

  • Conscience of a Conservative says:

    Of course one could buy a bike with a threaded bottom bracket and not have the issue in the first place.

  • Bill says:

    Both of my drive train creaking problems have turned out to be saddle rail or seat post creaking, solved by either tightening (not too tight) the rail clamps or greasing up the seat post. So tough to discern where the noise was coming from.

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