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Most new top end road bikes come with internal cable routing. When it’s threaded and ready to go, it makes for a stealthy, streamlined look. But getting cables routed through your frame can be one of the most frustrating tasks a home mechanic faces. Even for professional mechanics, it’s often a process of trial and error. Here’s a video tutorial that will help make the task a little less maddening.

Video Courtesy Global Cycling Network

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  • Dave says:

    If you’re replacing an old cable, snip the slug off the end of the old cable, tape the new cable to the end and use the old cable to pull the new cable through the frame.

  • Tony Wei says:

    If the frame is carbon fiber then you can stick a thin magnet tipped rod that extends like the old fashioned car antenna into the hold of the frame so the cable will attach to the magnetic tip.

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