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For some seemingly inexplicable reason, a motorcyclist came off a turn on Mulholland Drive and rammed into two cyclists pedaling on the right side of the road. The cyclists had no warning and and one of them was tossed up in the air upon impact and landed on his back. The second cyclist was hit by the errant motorcycle as the three bodies of they cyclists and motorcyclist crumpled on to the ground.

The particular 2.4 mile-long stretch of Mulholland Highway where the crash occurred has earned the nickname “the snake” because of its tightly coiled curves and hairpin turns.

Mulholland Drive is a very popular biking and driving destination in Southern California. Google map is available here.

Click here to do a virtual drive of the road where the incident happened: Google Virtual Map of the scene.

View Rock Store / Snake in a larger map

Motorcycle wrecks are so common along the roadway that two photographers and one videographer come to the stretch every weekend to capture the slide-outs. The videographers were perched high on the roadway and captured this crash as it happened.

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  • Sherrie says:

    It’s hardly inexplicable, looks like a simple case or target fixation and an inexperienced rider.

  • Alfonso says:

    I do feel terrible for both cyclists… just two days ago I took a dangerous fall going downhill due to a car tailgating me. Needless to say they didn’t stop and drove away after my fall. So I’m, more now than ever, very sympathetic, to towards my fellow cyclists.
    Best wishes and stay safe.

  • Frank D says:

    Grew up in the Valley, they were crashing stuff back then, just a lot fewer people, never saw a bicycle, ever, but this was A LONG time ago… Motorcycle crashes were a dime a dozen even then, Ricky Rocket wanna be peg draggers…jeeze

    P.S. the map above is wrong. This happened in the section west of the 405.

  • SteveVarnum says:

    I saw this on CNN. According to the report, this is considered the most dangerous road in the U.S.
    Have any of you wondered how these pictures just happened to be made? Again, according to CNN, photographers go there waiting for the next accident. Evidently, they don’t have to wait long. There are ample markings on the road, but it has become a ride that daredevils take. In most instances they harm only themselves. Unfortunately, they don’t realize there could be others involved in their lunatic antics.

  • mark says:

    As an avid cyclist, I avoid these types of roads altogether. Inexperienced idiots that race around Mulholland on motorcycles are constantly falling, and are caught on film by photographers that are there for nothing more than to catch accidents. This stretch of roads attracts daredevils and this is the result. Why the city doesn’t do more to discourage this is beyond me. Until something is done, I would avoid this stretch of road at all costs. Too bad… It’s a great climb.

  • Rob says:

    There’s no safe shoulder to ride on Mulholland. Rock/landslides over the years have absorbed most of it. In the old days, you had at least four to six feet of shoulder for riding. Today, you have to ride on the main road. I’ll pass.

  • Steve Weeks says:

    Lucky no one was hurt worse! The motorcyclist was sure outside his (minimal) skill envelope.
    I would like to suggest that had either bicyclist had a rear-view mirror, there might have been some evasive action possible.
    Steve (road/commuter bicyclist)

  • Mark Wynn says:

    “Cafe racer” motorcycle, probably an inexperienced rider, or substance impaired, running the curves … lost it. I always ride with a sunglasses mounted mirror, doubt the bicyclist would have been able to respond in time on this one.

  • Mark Wynn says:

    Probably fortunate the video shows the bicyclists were straddling the white line and the motorcyclist went beyond the white line. Otherwise, the usual anti-bicyclist types would be blaming the bicyclists.

  • dude says:

    Both bikers got very lucky – not that they feel that way, I guess – in that they both hit the moto rider before hitting the road. In fact the first one hit was virtually cradled by the other guy’s body immediately after impact. Now if that had been a car, the result would have been rather different.

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