Video: The end of saddle sores? Meet the bicycle with no seat.


Flying Ride Bike

When architect and engineer D.M. Schwartz watched an uphill section of the 2011 Tour de France, he says he noticed that the bobbing motion of the riders looked like wasted energy. If only the rider had something to push his back against, restraining vertical motion and allowing more leverage on the pedals.

Schwartz went to work, developing various frame designs that implemented a plate or bar to provide the needed rider force reaction. The proof-of-concept bike shown here was built in 2014 using the lower portion of a 1988 Schwinn and all-new steel tubing above. Rider suspension is accomplished with an upside down mountaineering harness. Although less than optimal for a bicycle, it gets the job done. Down the road he hopes to commission a custom jersey with the harness built in. Check out the two videos below to see the bike in riding and flying mode (think hang glider position).

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  • Bryan says:

    They already make a bike for people who don’t want to be saddle sore…they are called recumbents. The harness looks more uncomfortable than a saddle

  • dave says:

    Kind of an interesting design, which probably also reduces stress on wrists and shoulders; but doesn’t help the neck any, which recumbents do. Much would depend on the harness design.

  • I'mRight says:

    Why is the rider wearing bike shorts if there’s no seat?, he could rock out with a thong to complete the look of this bike.

  • stabbedinthecrotch says:

    You wouldn’t have to worry about locking your bike if you go into a shop or anything though…

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