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Breathe new life into your old road steed

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The No. 1 road bike upgrade: a new set of lightweight wheels.

Is your road bike getting a little long in the tooth? Wish you could buy a new one, but the disposable income coffers aren’t quite topped up? Well instead of wanting and waiting, here are 10 upgrades that will breathe new life into that old rig of yours — and most won’t break the proverbial bank. Check out this video to see the list, and then let us know what you would add in the comments section below. There is definitely (in our opinion) one very glaring omission.

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  • Wesley Zuber says:

    Mine will be shifters. This is my first road bike and I was on a budget. I’ve already put 3000 miles on it in 13 months and have outgrown the Tiagra shifters. One day.

  • Solar Sapiens says:

    Lightweight wheels and a shifter/derailleur upgrade are my go-to upgrades. But my new favorite is ceramic bearings for the crankset. I get cheap ones off Ebay, but I can really feel the difference.

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