Video: Top 10 things banned by the U.C.I.

Cycling's world governing body has unleashed its wrath in some odd places


Banned By The UCI

Spinergy wheels, apparently too dangerous for the professional peloton.

The U.C.I. has never been known as the most progressive of organizations. Cycling’s world governing body often seems more interested in impeding progress than actually facilitating the advancement of the sport it rules. It took more than a decade to push serial doper Lance Armstrong out of the arena, yet the silly 6.8-kilo minimum bike weight rule remains, forcing mechanics around the globe to artificially weigh down race bikes. Over the years, the U.C.I. has also taken issue with black rain jackets, long socks, tilted saddles, and various other seemingly innocuous misdeeds. Here’s a lighthearted look at the top 10 things banned by the U.C.I. courtesy of our friends at the Global Cycling Network.

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  • Horze says:

    Only wannabe cyclists in power tend to issue bans. Bans everywhere.
    Ban, Ban, Ban, Ban, Ban.
    They seem to get off pushing pencils.

  • MJ882 says:

    Horze, I couldn’t agree more. I went to school with the guy who invented Spinergy Rev X wheel, way ahead of its time. Paulo Bettini and Mario Cippolini both used them and PAID for them themselves. 3 guy may got gotten cut by them so they ban it. Maybe they should ban crashing, keep ti simple.

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