Video: What’s the fastest downhill tuck position?

Go inside the wind tunnel to find out


Specialized Win Tunnel

Specialized went inside the wind tunnel to find out which downhill tuck position is the fastest.

How do you gain speed when you’re fully spun out going down hill? Most of us get into some sort of aerodynamic tuck. But which position is the fastest? Specialized went inside its in-house wind tunnel to test three positions: in the drops, on the tops, and sitting on the top tube. The imaginary test course was a -6% descent with no pedaling. Watch the video to find out the results.

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  • James Price says:

    This is good stuff, like the others you’ve done. 7kmph is Obviously could be a decent little gain.
    What you noted at the end though, about the sitting-on-top-tube method not being faster for everyone, was intriguing. Just in a couple of sentences, can you say how frequently that was the case, and why it may be true for some people and not others?
    Just on the surface, I would have thought OK, if the difference was 1-2 km/h between the different positions, I can see that body type etc might give different positions the edge for different people. But when the gaps are in the 3-7 km/h range I would have thought that it would be clear which one is always better.
    again, great stuff, I’ve tuned into to all of these videos.

  • Alan says:

    With my bike as light as possible, another aspect of down-hilling is my own weight. I am short and stout 5:9 and 185, and no matter how strong I am, ascending is thought, but when descending I can often pass other lighter riders. I do my best aero tuck (be careful of the nuts), and my weight+gravity does the rest. On a recent 10K time trial with a 2K descent at the end, I passed 2 lighter riders who beat me to the crest by over a minute! I took silver, narrowly losing the the winner by seconds. Maybe next year! ……………..”ON YOUR LEFT!”

  • Jernej says:

    They did not test Marco Pantani position, that is the fastest from all of them.

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