Viral Video: How to Be a Road Biker


Back in October, the crew from took aim at the fat tire sect, skewering them for all their comedic idiosyncrasies. Now it’s time for the world’s road riders to take their lumps thanks to this hilarious video. Watch and laugh, then tell us which of these “How-To” steps you’ve already checked off your cycling to-do list.

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  • Shawn Lewis says:

    Learn to be comfortable whipping it out on the side of the road for a “natural break”.

  • Dan says:

    You should do one for LBS mechanics – the good, the bad and that guy that lectures you on everything. You missed: dirty chains and chainrings, checking that your tires are inflated to the point of failure, being so cheap that you taught yourself to repair your own sewups, having a long conversation with Fred about why dual pivot brakes are better that single or vice versa. Spending weeks trying to find replacement parts for your old campy gear.

  • damion says:

    The world is your urinal. Stop signs are only a recommendation. Used Gu packets weight you down, throw them on the road. Likewise, if you get a flat tire, leave the tube and Co2 cartridges on the side of the road. Weight can kill you. Double Yellow lines are not to be crossed, by cars.

  • Marvin says:

    Ride full-kit … on your trainer.

  • Kevin says:

    That video will have me laughing to myself for the next several weeks. Thanks, I really needed that today.

  • kenny says:

    I ride both road and mountain, but must say it was pretty funny!

  • ROCK says:

    awesome video. I now know the lingo. everything in this documentary is true to life. would make a great instructional video

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