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Vision is a company that is well known for their Tri and TT line of products and they have been making high end bike parts for 20 years now. But they also make plenty of wheels, handlebars and other parts for the all around road cyclist as well. The new Vision Metron carbon wheels and Metron 4D cockpit products will appeal to many riders of varying disciplines. If you think Vision sounds familiar but you’re not sure why, you probably saw their wheels and other products take a serious beating in the super popular Road Bike Party 2 video that we featured a couple of months ago. They are also the brand of choice for Peter Sagan and the Cannondale Pro Cycling Team.

RoadBikeReview recently attended the Winter Press Camp event to chat with the guys from Vision and get an up-close and personal look at these new products. In this video, Mike Lawless from Vision Tech shows us their all new Metron 55 wheels, Metron bar, stem and seat post.

Vision Metron 55 Carbon Wheels

Metron is a complete wheel system that consists of 5 different wheels including the 40, the 55, the 81, the Tri version and Disc version. Featured here is the Metron 55 which is a versatile wheel with a 25mm wide rim and a profile that was designed with 2 years of wind tunnel testing yielding a very aerodynamic shape. The Metron wheels also feature Vision’s P.R.A. wheel bearing locking system. P.R.A. stands for Preload Reduction Assembly and the design ensures that there is no side clamping force on bearings which provides a 10% reduction in drag. Of course, like any high end hub, the Metron hubs contain ceramic bearings. The Metron 55 wheels are 9, 10, or 11 speed compatible.

The Metron 55 wheels use Sapim DP Aero bladed spokes and brass nipples (that won’t corrode or round out). The rear wheel features a 2 to 1 lacing so the driveside has 14 spokes and the non-drive side has 7 spokes. This keeps weight light, while increasing stiffness laterally and torstionally. One interesting thing to note about Vision is that all wheels are produced in-house. The Metron 55 has an MSRP of $2399.99 for a set of tubulars or $2599.99 for a set of clinchers. Claimed weight is 1400 grams a set for tubular, 1595 grams for the clinchers. They are in stock and available from your local Vision dealer now.

Vision Metron 4D Handlebar

The Metron 4D cockpit is made up of their new Metron carbon handlebar, carbon stem and carbon seatpost. The entire Metron line of products was designed to be highly ergonomic, comfortable and exceptionally aerodynamic.

The Metron 4D compact handlebar has a base section that points up at 10 degrees (as viewed from the top) which places your hands in a comfortable position and promotes an elbows out stance that opens up the chest area for better breathing. The bars have a dog leg shape in the drops to provide better clearance for transitioning your hands from the top of the bar to the drops. There is some shaping on the drops for increased comfort over the long haul and there are nice ergo hand placements for the heel of your hand at the top bend.

The Metron 4D compact handlebar comes in 2 colors (black/red or stealth black) and 3 widths (40, 42, 44cm). Claimed weight is 245 grams. The Metron bars have an MSRP of $369.99 and will be available in May/June of this year.

Vision Metron Stem

The Metron stem is a full moncoque carbon with Ti hardware. The bolts enter through the rear to provide a nice, clean face plate and it will work with either 1 1/4″ or 1 1/8″ steer tubes. Like the Metron bar, the Metron stem is available in two matching colors and will be available May/June of 2014. Available stem lengths are 100, 110, 120 and 130mm. Claimed weight is 149 grams. The Metron carbon stem has an MSRP of $319.99.

Vision Metron Seatpost

The Vision Metron seatpost completes the 4D cockpit with a design that provides good damping characteristics for comfort. It has a forged alloy top clamp and one piece carbon monocoque construction for the post itself. It is available in 25mm of setback or 0 setback and also comes in Di2 and non-Di2 versions. Seatpost diameters are 27.2 and 31.6mm. Like the Metron bar and stem, the Metron seatpost is available in two matching colors and will be available May/June of 2014. Claimed weight is 210 grams and the seatpost has an MSRP of $219.99.

From the Manufacturer:

“Vision’s ultrafast and stable aero wheel developed through extensive CFD analysis and wind tunnel testing. Top-of-the-line hubs with high smoothness bearings.”

For more information check out the Vision Tech website:

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Gregg Kato studied journalism and broadcasting in college while working many different jobs including deejaying, driving a forklift and building web sites (not all at the same time). Kato enjoys riding local Portolla Valley roads. Besides being an avid cyclist, he is also a motorcycle fanatic. Two wheels, one Passion.

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