Vittoria Terreno Zero gravel tires coming soon

Italian brand also set to launch new carbon wheels in two depths

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Vittoria Terreno Zero

The soon-to-be launched Terreno Zero gravel road tire is all about speed.

In an effort to lessen the inherent compromise of gravel tires that also see paved road use, Vittoria has a new Terreno model in the pipeline. Those already familiar with this line know it includes Dry, Mix, and Wet offerings. Soon the Terreno Zero will join that threesome.

Vittoria Terreno Zero

The small hexagonal knobs are angled toward the direction of rotation, which is designed to make them faster when rolling, but hook up better under braking forces.

As the name implies, the Zero slots next to the Dry, but is even quicker on smooth surfaces. This is primarily thanks to the Zero’s smooth center (which takes design cues from the popular Vittoria Corsa road tire) and very minimal shoulder profile. Indeed, rather than the small lugs found on the edges of the Terreno Dry, the Zero has what Vittoria USA marketing manager Ken Avery calls scales.

Vittoria Terreno Line

The rest of the Terreno line-up, from left to right the Dry, Mixed, and Wet.

These small hexagonal knobs are angled toward the direction of rotation, which Avery claims makes them faster when rolling, but hook up better under braking forces. Run your hand across the Zero and you’re reminded of a furry animal’s back, where it’s smooth in one direction, but resists slightly in the other. Initial size options will include 700 x 37 (tested) and 650b x 47 sizes, and it will come in a TNT tubeless version. Construction is 120tpi with enhanced puncture protection at the sidewall and under the center tread.

Read about RoadBikeReview’s adventures at the 2017 Land Run 100. Hint: It didn’t go very well…

Opus Spark

For the second year in a row, RoadBikeReview piloted this highly-capable Opus Spark adventure bike at the Land Run 100.

RoadBikeReview got a chance to test ride the new Terreno Zero at the Land Run 100 gravel road race on March 17 in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Unlike last year, when cold rain and debilitating mud turned Land Run into a death march with an 80-percent attrition rate, this year’s event went off on a perfect dry and cool day, just the sort of conditions the Zero was designed for.

Over the course of 105 miles, we found the Zero (setup tubeless and pumped to 45psi front and rear) to be more than sufficient on surfaces that ranged from smooth tarmac to loose, sharp gravel. They rolled up to speed quickly, and maintained momentum, allowing us to better carry speed on the constantly undulating course with over 7500 feet of climbing.

Vittoria Elusion Carbon Wheels

The upcoming Elusion Carbon wheels will come in 30mm or 40mm depths.

The only place they held us back slightly was during sharp cornering, when the lack of meaningful shoulder tread meant taking loose turns at a more gingerly pace. But this was a small tradeoff for the extra rolling speed that helped us get to the finish line that much quicker (just under 7.5 hours for those keeping track at home). No official weights or pricing is available yet, but expect the Vittoria Zero gravel tires to be available this summer.

Vittoria Elusion Carbon Wheels

Hubs are by Vittoria.

Also coming soon from Vittoria and tested at Land Run 2018 was the Elusion Carbon Disc wheelset, which are expected to sell for around $1200 and also be available in a rim brake version. They’ll come in 30mm and 42mm depths and have an inner rim width of 19mm. The rim shape is also asymmetrical, which is said to make them easier to set-up tubeless. Again, no official weights have been released yet, but these new wheels are expected to be available starting in July.

Land Run 100

Around the 85-mile mark we stopped to have our photo snapped in the Salsa Chase the Chaise studio. It was a needed rest. Photo courtesy Salsa

During our test ride, the carbon wheels behaved just as you’d expect, exhibiting ample stiffness and rolling fast. We didn’t get a whole lot of beta on the Vittoria-branded hubs outside the fact that they incorporate straight-pull spokes, have sealed cartridge bearings, external nipples, and utilize centerlock rotor mounting and 12mm thru-axles.

Land Run 100

The reward for actually finishing the Land Run 100 this year.

Stay tuned to RoadBikeReview for a more expansive post on Land Run 2018 and the other gear we used. And keep up with Vittoria at

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