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2005 felt f70 road bike

  1. HC's '05 Felt F70 top tube

    HC's '05 Felt F70 top tube

    I added some red (& black) plastic tape to secure the top tube brake cable guides since the front one kept dislodging. I also put a strip of black tape next to the red stripes to help better define the "F" in the F70 model designation. I know it's only cosmetic but I enjoy customizing
  2. HC's '05 Felt F70 right side

    HC's '05 Felt F70 right side

    This is my current set up. 56cm frame, stock Shimano wheels, complete 105 gruppo, Specialized BG saddle, Forte' 90mm stem with 7 degree rise, Shimano A-520 pedals for my Shimano MT-20 shoes, Trans-it midi-wedge seat pack with patch kit & tools, Specialized Hot-Dot rear flasher, Profile Design Ka
  3. HC's '05 Felt F70 left side

    HC's '05 Felt F70 left side

    Never knew anything about Felts before. Glad I took the chance on this one. The '05 F70 is a higher-end bike than the MSRP would have you believe. Despite the poor reviews about the WH-R500 wheels, I haven't had any issues with mine other than making sure they are true & the spokes tensioned pro