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  1. HC's '05 Felt F70 top tube

    I added some red (& black) plastic tape to secure the top tube brake cable guides since the front one kept dislodging. I also put a strip of black tape next to the red stripes to help better define the "F" in the F70 model designation. I know it's only cosmetic but I enjoy customizing
  2. HC's '05 Felt F70 right side

    This is my current set up. 56cm frame, stock Shimano wheels, complete 105 gruppo, Specialized BG saddle, Forte' 90mm stem with 7 degree rise, Shimano A-520 pedals for my Shimano MT-20 shoes, Trans-it midi-wedge seat pack with patch kit & tools, Specialized Hot-Dot rear flasher, Profile Design Ka
  3. HC's '05 Felt F70 left side

    Never knew anything about Felts before. Glad I took the chance on this one. The '05 F70 is a higher-end bike than the MSRP would have you believe. Despite the poor reviews about the WH-R500 wheels, I haven't had any issues with mine other than making sure they are true & the spokes tensioned pro
1-3 of 3 Results