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best cycling computers
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  1. News and Reviews
    Smartwatches can be a better alternative to cycling computers for athletes who want to track their workouts as well monitor their step count, heart rate, and recovery throughout the day all in one device. Smartwatches incorporate the functions of a cycling computer, heart rate strap, and a...
  2. News and Reviews
    Wahoo has launched an updated version of its smallest cycling computer, the Bolt, with a high-resolution color screen, larger onboard memory, updated user interface, multi-sport handover between it and Wahoo's Rival smartwatch, and a host of other refinements that make this cycling computer a...
  3. Components, Wrenching
    This article was updated on 9/27/19 Whether we'll admit it or not, the way we ride bikes has changed for many if not most cyclists because of the modern GPS cycling computer. Think about it. No more wheel magnets, no rollouts, just press the power button and let the satellites do their magic...
1-3 of 3 Results