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  1. Beginner's Corner
    Recently, I raised my Trek drop down handle bars by 10mm. Now when I ride my bike, I hear a creak/crack sound coming from the handle bars. Hard for me to tell where the crack sound is coming from but I suspect a) handle bars, b) stem, or c) where the handle bar base connects to the carbon fork...
  2. Components, Wrenching
    Weight is low, coming in at 215g for the 44cm model tested here. What is it Drop bars aren't just for traditional road bikes anymore. Indeed, niches such as gravel and monster cross are requiring component manufactures to re-think off-road offerings. Whisky Parts Company is one such company...
  3. General Cycling Discussion
    Employing its newest carbon layup technology that balances strength and weight savings, PRO's new Vibe SL handlebar is the lightest cable-integrated bar Shimano's component brand has ever made. By combining high modulus carbon fiber with high strength fibers, the Vibe SL uses less resin in...
1-3 of 3 Results