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    Anyone else using Hybrid view mode on an IPad unable to scrool in the hybrid box? Fix? Len
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    For breakfast I had a big bowl of TJ's bran flakes and for lunch I brought a big thing of boiled cabbage with tomatoes and onion. I'd say you might want to be bracing yourselves around 6pm PST. joe
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    I wonder if Tyler will verify that this stuff makes me a better cyclist?:D
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    Now all I have to do is convince her mom that she can have it before Christmas.... 24" road bike. PDex let me know that a friend of his was selling this little beauty. It's in great shape. Short Chain just got a 24" cruiser bike a few months ago for her birthday. Mom thinks we just...
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    "Cancer" appercolation on account of Gutfiddle.
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    At least he is sorry
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    Looking on Craigslist for a cheap old Stumpjumper or Bridgestone or similar. What else should I search for? The older the better. Thumb shifters are a must. Extra points for bullmoose bars.
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    I are awesome. After a month of daily applications of liquid wrench and the use of a cheater bar 4 feet long, I finally got the seatpost unstuck from my wife's beloved trek 800. Now her saddle can be raised to a proper, non-knee hurting height. Also, now a cheap carbon fiber seatpost because...
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    I bought a LOOK 586 R-Light Limited Edition (only 60 made) Friday. Retailed for $10,000 I got it for $6k SRAM Red, Zipp 303 tubs, etc. It looks kinda like the image below except with white tape and saddle. Hopefully I'll have it by the end of the week.
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    I watched it the other day and was intrigued. My girlfriend and I were sort of arguing over it. She thought the people were hoarders who probably needed help and couldn't seem to get over that aspect of it. While I thought they were hoarders or certainly had some kind of addiction to it (they...
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    somehow, on ebay, I ended up in services....:eek: and found some Online Art Lessons. I almost want to drop 10bucks just out of curiosity. Here's the description: If you want to paint and draw very well, if you want to know The art history very well, if you want to be intelegent and...
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    Sweet, thanks Thien!!!
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    Being an NNC type bikecyclist, I like the occasional banana... but every time I bring some home, they instantly sprout fruit flies. I find this to be a major drag, since they are little annoying bugs always crawling on whatever food is out (and we have kids, so there's always food being left...
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    or.....For god's sake Oprah, just leave already. How much longer do we have to see reports on her farewell? I've never been a follower of saint Oprah, I don't get it.
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    Now available....:p The other one is for your Hummer. :thumbsup:
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    Angelina Barnes, Oklahoma Woman, Mutilated Cat For Outfit To Wear At Lady Gaga Concert
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    I went to the Yankees - Mets game Saturday night. My friends and I counted no less than 10 random acts of kindness and courteousness. I was floored. Random strangers helped us when we appeared to be confused. We didn't even have to ask. It made the trip much more enjoyable. The traffic on the...
1-19 of 45 Results