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  1. General Cycling Discussion
    Claimed to deliver great power and superior feel, the S-900 is the first direct mount brake in the SRAM lineup. The synchronizer, which adjusts the pads for simultaneous engagement, is an offset design rather than centrally located. This location greatly reduces splay force, or energy that is...
  2. Components, Wrenching
    I first became aware of Zero Gravity brakes in 2004 when Iban Mayo used them at the Tour de France on the way to finishing in third place. In 2005, Francis Cebedo, the founder off &, got his hands on a set of the original OG-05 Ti calipers and wrote this review...
  3. Components, Wrenching
    Cost: $385/pair, $195 front only MSRP (complete with brake pads) Aerodynamic and unique Made in the USA Light weight: 287 grams (pair); front 145, rear 142 Available in Red, Black, and Silver Strong braking power Available direct Matt Simkins' day job use to be...
  4. Components, Wrenching
    TRP R960 Road Bike Brakes Pro Review - By Twain Mein Lightweight Dual Pivot caliper brakes Forged and CNC'd 6061 Aluminum Arms Adjustable cartridge pad holders with SwissStop pads Patened "Slyde" quick release Titanium nuts n bolts Available in anodized Red or Black Reach: 39-49mm Claimed...
1-4 of 4 Results