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bring back ricki lake

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    she tapes final show. fans cry and bawl like adult babies. Truck stop honeys in the audience
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    I guess it's my turn. I haven't spoken to my father in almost 20 years. He's been married 8 times and was quite the ladies man in his day (in spite of his looks). My mother was his first wife and he was messing around on her within a couple of months of their marriage from what I've...
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    So about 9 this morning my phone rings, it is my baby girl. She is in Boston this week for a Astro Physics/ Astronomy conference. She is presenting a project representing her university. I asked what was up...nothing....just wanted some company, you got time to talk?....YOU BET. She was walking...
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    That's pretty cool but... I remember it being a bit of a clusterfvck on another forum that had made it anonymous. Is it visible to us and is it anonymous?