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caletti cycles
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    Caletti's road race special provided the canvas for one local artist to paint his masterpiece. I've known John Caletti (Caletti Cycles) for many years now and he is just "over the hill" from RoadBikeReview's headquarters. He has been crafting beautiful, hand made bikes from steel and titanium...
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    Caletti bicycles are designed and built one at a time by John Caletti for each customer. Here he shows us what he's calling an adventure road bike, featuring long reach brakes to accomodate all ranges of tires. Allowing the owner to take this bike onto roads and paths that maybe other road bikes...
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    [youtube width="640" height="385"]httpv:// Caletti is a one man shop located in Santa Cruz, CA, producing high quality, custom, road, mountain, and cyclocross bikes. Owner John Caletti says building bicycles is a labor of love for him. John stopped by our...
1-3 of 3 Results