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  1. General Cycling Discussion
    This year's race marked the 10-year anniversary for the Carrera de San Rafael, a criterium bicycle race circling an eight-block radius in downtown San Rafael, California. Racing began in the afternoon with amateur categories and continued until the pros battled it out as the sun went down...
  2. General Cycling Discussion
    For the first time in his history, the Tour de Nez put on a women's race on Saturday. Due to conflicts with other races, such as the NRC Austin Crit, a small but strong field of 17 riders lined up to tackle the 22-mile (35 km) circuit race in the Northstar at Tahoe village. Sarah Bamberger...
  3. General Cycling Discussion
    US Crit Champion Tina Pic (Colavita/Sutter Home) made her Stars & Stripes proud on Sunday, winning her second stage, the final criterium at the Mt Hood Cycling Classic. Pic outsprinted Joanne Kiesanowski (Tibco) and Jeannie Longo, riding for the composite team River City Racing to cross the...
1-3 of 3 Results