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  1. General Cycling Discussion
    Jenson Annual Bike Sale If you're looking to make a new bike purchase there is no better time than now. The Jenson Annual Bike Sale is jam-packed with deals on road bikes, gravel, cross country, downhill, enduro and everything in between. If you're looking to spruce up the machine you have...
  2. Components, Wrenching
    Gravel, Groad, All road, Adventure are all nouns synonymous with this ever-growing segment of "road bike" that has become one of the most popular trends in cycling as of late. Their ability to shapeshift from weekend gravel race rig to backroad touring rig makes them a great option for a do it...
  3. Components, Wrenching
    The Bontrager Team Issue GR-1 tires paired perfectly with the Paradigm Elite alloy wheels. What is it? A fast rolling gravel tire that leans toward the dry, sandy conditions - puncture protected, available in two sizes, and Sven Nys approved. Pros: Puncture protection is top-notch under...
  4. Gravel Bikes
    Great looks and exceptional ride quality are complimented by massive tire clearance on the Moots Routt 45. Photo: Nick Legan What Is It While capable even in chunky conditions, the Moots Routt 45 reminds you not to underestimate the road capabilities of a good titanium gravel bike. Pros...
  5. General Cycling Discussion
    Welcome to the 2013 Eurobike Blog coming to you from Friedrichshafen, Germany. It's day 4 of the world's biggest bicycling industry trade show (1,250 brands representing 49 countries). All this week we'll be bringing you photos and info on the latest road bike gear, apparel...
  6. Colnago C35 Ferrari red frame

    here is somebody's Colnago C35 Ferrari red with red Colnago wheelsets...nice bike..i hope the owner sends in another photo of his bike on a plain white background...
  7. Colnago C35 Ferrari series 1991 Collector's item

    the position of the bike is awkward...yet this is a very rare 1991 series Colnago C35 Ferrari bike issued for 35th anniversary of Colnago in 1991 complete with 5 spokes carbon wheelset..clearly a bike ahead of its times...see all the gold plated campy parts? its the trademark original campy parts fo
  8. Colnago C35 Ferrari 1991 Poster

    the Colnago C35 (35th anniversary of Colnago) poster of 1991.Back then the C35 was only sold as a whole bicycle complete with the 5 spoked carbon C35 Ferrari is a year 2000 model...i wonder if Colnago made any other C35s between 1992 and 1999? Please let me know if anyone out there knows
  9. colnago C35 Ferrari Red

    somebody else's colango C35 Ferrari Red color...nice campy delta brakes...same rare Selle Italia Novus by Ferrari Engineering on my bike...but this isnt my bike...nice beauty..Wow! thanks ricky ledesma for the jpeg file on the C35s...very little is known about these rare gathering all
  10. Colnago C35 Ferrari Red

    somebody else's Colnago C35 Ferrari in Ferrari red color...with the same OEM Selle Italia Novus ferrari engineered saddle on my bike.. not my bike..but sure is a beauty! Wow! thanks ricky led
  11. colnago C35 Ferrari Ad11

    somebody else's C35 Ferrari beauty in Ad11 colors...thanks ricky led
  12. Colnago C35 Ferrari

    here is the new photo shot (not a clear shot still..ill change later) but it shows that i have changed the saddle to Original Selle Italia Novus Ferrari Engineered saddle and i had changed the dirty yellow bar tape to black carbon designed old school so i used Cinelli aluminum Eubus handle
  13. Colnago C35 Ferrari

    here is the top view of my Colnago C35 Ferrari bike...the bike wasnt bought as a unit but built up...the seat however is OEM Originally made by Selle Italia for this C35 Ferrari...Ferrari Engineers insisted on putting vent wings near the nose of the saddle...ugly to some...but it s a perfect ride fo
  14. Colnago C35 Ferrari Sexy Down tube

    here is the close up shot of the SUPER SEXY downtube of my Colnago C35 Ferrari engineered bike...i wonder who is that Italian Stud who modelled for the engineers at Ferrari...the Lion King?
  15. Colnago C35 Ferrari's Olympic Predecessor

    this is the Ferrari engineered Colnago used by the 1996 Italian Olympic Team Time Trialists. it carries the Ferrari sticker on the downtube same as on my C35 Ferrari bike. so my Colnago C35 Ferrari year 2000 has got some Olympic Pedigree...
  16. Colnago C35 Ferrari

    here is the beautiful First Place trophy for the Filipino Chinese Criterium Race which i won last June 12 2005 in Manila Philippines using my sexy Colnago C35 Ferrari engineered bike.Champion's trophy after only 3 weeks of riding the Ferrari? Its not a light bike but take a look at the bottom bracke
1-16 of 16 Results