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  1. Colnago C40 Carbon Rabobank Colors

    here is my daily driver...Colnago C40 Carbon with Dura Ace 10 speed 12 -27..getting ready for my next Tour of Egat Thailand 2006...the seat is my 2 year old Selle italia trimatic...havent sold that inspite of selling my old Lux Master...because its a good broken in saddle with 3000kilometers and so
  2. Colnago C40 Rabobank colors

    here is my other Colnago C40 Rabobank colors.DURA ACE 10 equipped 10 speed 12 to 27 cogset...getting ready for my Tour of Egat 2006..this bike has EXACTLY the same geometry of my ultra reliable Master Lux...However as that bike was heavy as a sherman tank...i swapped it with my Cannondale Caad3 bike
1-2 of 2 Results