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  1. Cyclocross
    The new Crockett made its debut at the Singlespeed World Championships under the power of one Sven Nys. Trek has unveiled a completely overhauled 2017 version of its popular Crockett cyclocross bike. The revised line-up of bikes feature several key upgrades and new technologies that make the...
  2. Cyclocross
    The 2015 Trek Boone 9 Disc, MSRP $4,730. One of our favorite test bikes from 2014 has gotten some nice upgrades for 2015. Trek announced this week that this year's Boone and Crockett cyclocross bikes will now be available with 15mm thru-axle forks. The rear end on both bikes continues to use...
  3. Cyclocross
    Katie Compton's new Trek Crockett cyclocross bike. © Cyclocross Magazine Editor's Note: This article is from our mud-loving friends at Cyclocross Magazine and originally appeared on It was written by passionate cyclocross racer Molly Hurford. Visit them for your daily cyclocross...
1-3 of 3 Results