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  1. Curtlo S3

    Custom Curtlo S3 road frame June 2007
  2. Curtlo S3

    Custom Curtlo S3 road frame June 2007
  3. Updated Curtlo Pic 3

    I've made a few changes from my original set up. 1. New saddle: Selle San Marco Aspide Glamor, which is a womens saddle, but the 155mm width is perfect for me. It's not the most comfortable saddle I've ridden but it's the most pain free and works great for me on rides of 4+ hours. 2. New wheels: M
  4. Front disc brake...

    Here is a picture of the bent fork to make room for the Avid road disc brakes I had my Curtlo made with.
  5. Curtlo Headbadge

    Headbadge of my Curtlo road bike.
  6. Bottom bracket

    A picture of the bottom bracket of my Curtlo road frame.
  7. Custom Curtlo

    Here is my Curtlo road bike. Aside from the custom tubing and geometry it has 135mm rear drop outs so I can run MTB hubs and Avid disc brakes (I'm a big guy). Other components include Ultegra 10 speed components, FSA Energy cranks and Ritchey stem/bar.
1-9 of 9 Results