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    Get inspired and build your own bike. Today's woman is helping to drive the sport of cycling faster than any other single group. Unfortunately, the cycling industry still sometimes feels like a "Good old boys" club. Bike shops can be intimidating environments, and we often do a poor job...
  2. General Cycling Discussion
    Do you trust yourself to build a bike out of bamboo? Bamboobee hopes so. As cyclists we often pride ourselves on the "green" nature of our chosen mode of transportation. One of the downsides, however, is that the manufacturing process of carbon fiber frames may not really be all that...
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    Start by building up the rim bed surface with electrical tape. This also seals the spoke holes. The benefits of tubeless tire set-ups are well known. Lower pressure, fewer punctures, better ride. But making a wholesale investment in new tubeless-specific equipment is a bridge too far for many...
1-3 of 3 Results