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  1. General Cycling Discussion
    Is anyone else jealous of this gigantic balloon tail? While we disagree with Matt Shapiro's choice to weave through traffic going the wrong way, we dig his style. Seriously, how much fun would it be to ride through a major city with a gigantic balloon tail?
  2. General Cycling Discussion
    Bringing you your pizza pie hot and fresh. Bicycles can have a profound impact on people. More than just a recreational vehicle or kid's play toy, human-powered two-wheeled transport can change lives. Take Wild Bill, the subject of the short film Delivery by Michael Beach Nichols and...
  3. General Cycling Discussion
    The Dew Tour action sports event was this past weekend in San Francisco and RoadBikeReview was in attendance. Besides the awesome BMX, skate and freestyle motocross competitions going on right in Civic Center plaza, there was also a pretty big vendor expo area with a lot going on. As one of...
  4. General Cycling Discussion
    [youtube width="640" height="385"]httpv://
  5. General Cycling Discussion
    Tim from SBS shows us the new Redline Urbis, a freestyle fixie about to hit stores May 1st. A front disc brake fixie bike that should be a blast to ride, whether you want to do tricks or have a slick looking commuter. [youtube width="640" height="385"]httpv://
  6. General Cycling Discussion
    Norridge, Illinois - Silver is so last century. Through Lexco, you can now get world famous Sugino cranks, chainrings, sprockets, dust caps and other Sugino parts in a variety of colors. Of course, if you just have to have silver, Lexco and Sugino can accommodate. Lexco is carrying numerous...
  7. Bianchi Volpe Fixie - Urban Commuter

    This was a project for my teen-aged son. As we live some distance from school, he needed a fast commuter. A fixie was his choice. We couldn't make it too fancy/expensive, because Berkeley is a bike thieve's paradise and no sense painting a bullseye on a bike parked downtown all day long. Cost total
  8. 1988 Schwinn Prelude "Lazer" Fixed Gear

    That's my baby! this photo is from the thread "Post pictures of your fixed bike here" in the RoadBikeReview Forums. Click the following link to view the thread:
  9. Leader Track Bike – Street Spec'd

    - Leader Aluminum Track Frame w/carbon fork & steerer - 45t chainring/16t cog - Commuter and trainer, flats & moderate climbs - Velodrome set up: 48t chainring, pista bars and no front brake
1-14 of 14 Results