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  1. General Cycling Discussion
    Photo by Jochen Haar With the biggest sports event of the year coming up in Russia this summer, Scott has added a little touch of cycling to the FIFA World Cup. Or let's say to one of the main protagonists. Brazil's mega star Neymar is still recovering from a broken metatarsal sustained late...
  2. General Cycling Discussion
    The Foil Disc of Luka Mezgec is a true eye-catcher. Photo by Kramon, Sam Flanagan Every pro cyclist dreams of winning his national championship at least once in his career, something that just a few of them will ever achieve during their career. Winning one national title in a season is great...
  3. General Cycling Discussion
    The 2018 Scott Foil Disc debuted at the Eurobike trade show. By taking the rim brake Foil and changing the fork and rear triangle, the 2018 Foil Disc was born. Scott claims that adding disc brakes would cause a 3-watt drag penalty. To compensate for solutions had to be found...
1-3 of 3 Results