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  1. Apparel and Cycling clothes
    After hundreds - if not thousands - of miles of saddle time, and two comprehensive reviews (Part 1, Part 2) our discerning team of testers have selected their favorites. Top of the heap goes to the Rapha Team Sky Women's Bib Shorts, which narrowly beat out the Assos T.Lady_S5. Here's what our...
  2. General Cycling Discussion
    It is a long, winding and often steep road to the top. Editor's Note: Features editor Jason Sumner is spending his summer researching (and riding) all over Colorado for a road cycling guide book that will be part of the 75 Classic Rides series. He'll also be penning RoadBikeReview travelogues...
  3. Apparel and Cycling clothes
    Why You Want: You need a top-end, winter weight bib short and leg warmer combination, and prefer the adjustability of a multi-piece system versus bib knickers or bib tights. Pros: Warmth. Period. Both the G.S. Panache fleece bib short and leg warmers work as advertised. On numerous occasions...
  4. Gunnar Fastlane

    Commuter bike
  5. Predator

    This is my tri bike I built from scratch. It's my first attempt at bike building. Enjoy! Let me know what you think. Frame: Wheeler T-1 titanium tri frame 54 cm Wheelset #1: Specialized Carbon Fiber tri spoke w/ pro race ironman tires and bontrager super light tubes Wheelset #2: Velocity Spartac
1-5 of 5 Results