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  1. My Gunnar

    Beautiful Gunnar Roadie in Sunshine Yellow over Shamrock green. Spec is DA. You don't have to spend alot to get a great frame!
  2. Gunnar Sport

    58cm. Weighs 20.9 lbs with Frog pedals. Great toe clearance which is great when you are in traffic and going slow. Yes, that is 50mm of spacers on steerer tube. I quit listening to magazines and racers about spacers. It fits and most importantly I ride.
  3. Gunnar Sport

    The sport uses 57mm long reach brakes which makes this bike very versatile. Up to 32c tire and fenders w/ 28c tires.
  4. Gunnar Sport

    Seatpost Cluster
  5. Gunnar Sport

    Rear dropout with grease.
  6. 03 Gunnar Roadie

    This picture was taken just after a 30 miler. About 10 miles of the ride was over newly layed tar and gravel. The steel frame really soaked up the road vibration. I've been really pleased with the bike. The Velomax wheels have taken a beating and have stayed true. I made sure the photo didn't show
1-6 of 6 Results