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  1. General Cycling Discussion
    The gathering of the finest handmade bikes in the land concluded yesterday with over 180 exhibitors showing off their wares in Salt Lake City, Utah. Awards were handed out in three categories of Riding Discipline, Construction, and Overall Design. Riding Discipline Division Fully complete...
  2. General Cycling Discussion
    The man. The myth. It's Mr. Ghibli. In a day and age where so much of the world's high-end bicycles and components are made in Asia and cynicism about outsourcing runs rampant, you can still find a place where old-world craftsmanship and high-tech engineering collide. Much like Willy Wonka and...
  3. General Cycling Discussion
    Renovo first came up on our radar when we met them at the NAHBS show in Portland back in 2008. Their custom wooden bicycles surely stood out in a sea of Steel, Ti, and carbon bikes back then. They still stand out today, especially with this tri bike shown in front of their Sea Otter Classic...
  4. Capricorn fixie and front rack

    This is a fixed-gear utility bike that I made for myself. It's about as all-purpose as a bike can get with room for sturdy tires, fender mounts, tall headtube, and the front rack. I used True Temper tubes and Paragon dropouts on the frame and aircraft-grade 4130 for the rack and handlebars. Brass
1-4 of 4 Results