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i just farted

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    let me start out with this: I actually do enjoy my job. I am good at it and it is fulfilling most of the time. And as much as I pretend to be be a complete miser at times I actually do enjoy interacting with people and somewhere along the line I seem to have developed very good interpersonal...
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    So the wife says to me "Did you notice that (the babysitter - name omitted to protect the innocent) is losing weight? She looks good", to which I respond, "what?" Nuff said
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    Mouse over them and you get some nasty, nasty stuff. Even by Lounge standards.
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    Not only did he perform a nearly flawless upgrade (you'd have to expect some quirks), not only was the site back up and running on Friday night, and not only did he get us on tapatalk today like he said he would (ahem, Dirt Boy), but now it appears as if our champ has finally body-blowed the...